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Too Much To Unlearn documents work by artist Erik Gustafsson. Casual black and white installation shots form a striking parallel to his photographic works, both in terms of process and as picture. As documentation, reproductions, or as works of art, these photographs reflect Gustafsson’s ongoing interest in multiple readings and how to create photographs. The imagery is complemented by a text by Johannes Björk, written in response to the front and back of the publication.


– Erik Gustafsson.


Too Much To Unlearn is published by FLAT and printed on Risograph in a limited 50 copies.

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New Age is a mini-festival organized by Funen Art Academy and Odense Music Library. The two day festival features performances, music etc. that centers around a common theme of the esoterical, spirituality and what lies on the other side of reality.

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The book ‘Arkiv’ is the culmination of a two-week workshop in data graphics at The Scandinavian Designcollage (Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole). The identity for the book is heavily text driven and inspired by archival data. It is printed on riso and assembled by hand in a limited 140 copies. The course was taught together with co-teacher Nanna Kopp.

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As a part of a worktrip to Japan in May of 2019 we created handouts to give to other creatives with the title “Out Of Office”. The merchandise consisted of sticker-packs and t-shirts.

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Visual identity for secondhand commission shop P–A–R (Proper Attire Requested) in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. With its simplicity and by using outlines, the identity aims to act as a vessel for future content. It utilises bright blue in order to stand out from other street signs.

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Two variations of programs for a lecture at The Scandinavian Designcollage (Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole). The lecture was centered around the subject of “spare time” (fritid).

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Calculated Coin Flips by Minh Ngoc Nguyen explores the playing field and boundaries between analogue photographs and computer-generated imagery.


The identity for the exhibition is based on a grid and the imagery is placed within the grid as a manipulative factor, bending and breaking the text according to its position. Thus the identity aims to tell a story about manipulation, taking a visually direct approach to Minh’s work that centers around the very idea of manipulation in photography.


The exhibition ran at Gallery Rotor 2 in Gothenburg, Sweden between March 23–26, 2018.

The Sun Watches The Sun 1 of 4

Visual identity for the BFA exhibition at Funen Art Academy (Det Fynske Kunstakademi), class of 2019. The imagery is inspired by reflections in a window thus referring directly to the exhibition’s location in a former Vero Moda store. Furthermore the title aims to implicitly question the relation between work and viewer, the artist and society at large.


The exhibition ran at Kongensgade 15, Odense C, Denmark between June 14–25, 2019.

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Front & Center is a self-initiated publication showcasing photography from everyday life. The title is a reflection of the self-realisation that the photographic work generally tends to put the subject “front and center”.


By centering the typography on both the front, back and spine the cover aims to confront itself with the question of what is actually the front and center on the publication. The contradiction aims to question itself and works as a critique of the photographic work in general.


Front & Center is published by FLAT and printed in a limited 10 copies.